Well this is awkward…

awkward-boring-conversation-hello-nothing-to-say-Favim.com-257629I can’t figure out how to change the background. Not like as in the colour scheme, I mean the big Swiss valley mountain range stock photo I’ve got going on right now. I mean sure it’s a good picture there’s a reason those stock images are stock. You wouldn’t get far in marketing if you used people’s Sunday morning hangover Snapchats instead of those ‘You can tell I love my job as a doctor because I’m smiling and wearing a lab coat’ pics. Seriously whoever they hire to take pictures of, or indeed if they do hire anyone at all or just grab friends and tell them to say cheese (like I have any idea how all that goes about), they need to work on making their smile game more convincing. Actually come to think of it, would anyone reading this actually see that at all, or was that just a standard default pic for customising the blog on top of? I’ll find out I guess.

And all of that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I want to say on my first blog post. Well, strictly speaking it’s not my first, but it’s a fresh start. Reboot. Repurpose. It’s a nice feeling! Taking that first step. I’m not writing at all coherently am I? Yeah this is all just ‘wow I’m actually doing this’ brain territory right now. Maybe my head could do with a little extra organising.

ANYWAYS.  – MrEveryone.com. Or at least it should read as that, I paid the registration thing but while I was customising it didn’t look like my URL was entirely what I wanted. Will have to look into that. As nom de plumes go though, sure mine may not read as especially dramatic or flamboyant. Ironic really considering I have been known to be both in real life! But that’s kinda the point I think. I’m not writing to be flashy. I’m writing because I believe I have valuable things to say, things that everyone thinks a lot of the time but may not necessarily know how to articulate (and for the record I DO NOT mean that in a Donald Trump way). I mean, half the time I generally don’t know how to articulate those things, but I’m going to try. I’m going to try to put words to my thoughts, thoughts which I’m at least fairly sure I share with many. That’s what Mr Everyone is all about. Trying. Persevering. Sharing. Interacting. I’ve always been a good writer, but sadly I’ve let it get away from me. Maybe all the essays I did at uni had a bit of a negative effect on that, but that’s in the past. I’m here, I’m now, and I plan on staying that way with every bit of content I produce. Maybe I’ve no idea what I’m getting myself in for but again, I’m going to try. And anyone who cares to read my stuff and follow my work can hopefully get some entertainment out of observing what will literally be a work in progress. Here’s hoping that progress will actually be made!

Oh and, Future Me? If you’re reading this, yeah it’s a pretty crap inaugural blurb but just remember what you told yourself before you started; it’s ok to suck at first. So maybe use this as a measure of just how much better you’ve gotten by your time!

– M.E.

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