Let’s try that again…

Ok so here’s the thing. That first post yesterday was pretty crap. It was word vomit, plain and simple. The equivalent of a seven year-old sitting at a desktop and banging keys and shouting ‘look Mummy I’m writing!’. No you’re not kid. No you’re not. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, though. I mean sure, I’m probably my own harshest editor. Half the time it’s like I’ve got J. Jonah Jameson in my head (or indeed any role portrayed by the sensational Mr J.K. Simmons). Soon as I start on the next piece, I immediately think of the last one as printed manure. Lovely image. Sorry. Word vomit again. My point is, like I said before, this is really going to be a work in progress. This by no means a finished blog, or even a defined writing style yet. So I’m thinking maybe you at least, dear reader, may get a sense of what that progress is aiming for if I were to detail the inception of all this, what it’s all for and where it’s all come from. And to minimise my tendency to waffle on, I’m setting myself a time limit. Half an hour, then gym time. So, you with me?

So again, hello. I’m Mr Everyone. Not in reality, I’ll admit. Different name there, but on here I’m Mr Everyone. That name’s kinda been bubbling around my brain for a little while, it just seemed to have something about it. Informal, eclectic, approachable, or at least that’s the heart of it. Someone who, to the best of his ability, speaks for everyone. Not at all ambitious of me…I mean define ‘everyone’! I guess it comes from the fact that throughout most of my life, I’ve always kinda been able to see an issue from multiple points of view. Left-wing, right-wing. Conservative-liberal. Few things are black and white to me, not that I’m a devout fence-sitter. I just, I dunno, I’m able to empathise. A lot. Even with those whom most would probably find it offensive to even contemplate looking through their eyes. You’d have thought this would be a highly valuable nature or skill, but the truth is it makes me completely crap at arguing. I can never win my side because I always end up applauding the points made by the other side! But with this blogging thing, and the general landscape of media and popular culture these days, maybe I’ve actually found a decent place to flex that empathetic muscle? Mr Everyone: Peacekeeper of the Internet. Actually I kinda like that, something to work towards.

Speaking of working towards, what’s this all about? Why did I decide to create Mr Everyone? Well to put it in context, writing has always been easily my strongest skill. Always in school and uni, when it came to essays I tended to knock it out of the park. Not so much with exams but let’s ignore that for now. Add to that a good seven-year long hobby of scriptwriting, which even to this day I still toy with ideas over in my head. My best uni mate and I came up with a  cracking idea for a Western. Also add to that the ignition of a more focused passion for film journalism, reviewing cinema releases and such, and yeah. Writing’s been my game for a long time. Only problem is, I’ve never played that much out of my home turf. So that’s one dimension to why Mr Everyone came along, certainly. A platform to hone my skill, to improve my game, all that jazz. I’m decent right now, but frankly I think I can be great, and every great creator starts with a drawing board, a sketchbook. Mr Everyone is my blank page. My empty canvas, through which I shall endeavour to pour all the creative juices of my soul and cook them into refined works of cerebral nourishment.

All that is the practical side of this, but I’ve never been entirely about practicalities. See, when you’re like me, and your head spends maybe a tiny bit too much time in the clouds, practicalities tend to play second fiddle to whatever form your aspirations may take. Everything I’ve said so far has been about what Mr Everyone is now, and will continue to be. What is actually more important to me personally however, is what I want Mr Everyone to become. How I want this to evolve. This really isn’t just a writing exercise. I want Mr Everyone to become a voice. Simply, directly, a voice. A platform. A stage. An exhibition. A billboard. A courtroom. A debate chamber. Something with something to say, and not afraid to say it. I want Mr Everyone to become something people listen to, that earns their respect and value. Someone a whole range of people will be able to read and go ‘YES! This right here, all the yes, preach!’ Like I was talking about with the name, it’s singular yet diverse, individualistic but all-encompassing. If can get good enough at this, if I keep going, if I persevere, I know Mr Everyone can mean something, even if it’s to just one person other than myself.

My time’s kinda up. Shit. Time management, that’s a mental note made. Always been my Achilles Heel, hence my having no fond memories of exams (but then who has? I mean they’re exams). But heck I’ll spare a few extra minutes on this, because. So yeah, this is me, Mr Everyone. In the making, anyway. Here you’ll find hopefully a healthy mix of current affairs-related content, general chinwags and thoughts of the day, certainly as well as my work as a budding film/tv journalist. I can’t promise they’ll all have the same tone to them. This is only my second post so still figuring out what I like and don’t. Lots going on in the world, lot of conversation setting the Internet aflame day-in day-out. Everyone’s a critic, everyone’s got an opinion. And Mr Everyone’s here just trying to make some sense out of it all.

Hope you can stick around, this could be interesting!



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