Everyone’s Political: State of the Union

So, I guess I picked a good time to start a blog. I mean it’s not like the headlines are generally lacking for conversation-worthy topics but these days, doesn’t it just feel like things are kinda spiralling? Yes there’s the usual distant storm clouds of terrorism with ISIS and North Korea. Europe’s in upheaval and the ‘U’ in ‘UK’ has never felt so ironic considering the looming referendum over Britain’s membership of the EU. But nowadays it’s more than that isn’t it? Something big is happening. Frustrations are bubbling over, scrutiny of public offices has probably never been higher (and in all likelihood those in power are just as scrutinising of the masses through whatever backdoor cyber-espionage they can get away with, isn’t the Information Age glorious?). But the real maelstrom of current affairs, the cold shiver running down the spine of every MEDC on the planet, goes by the name of Mr Donald Trump.

Most of us who are actually in our right mind in general typically draw comparisons, with a shudder, to the dark precedent set by Hitler in the 1930s, a charismatic orator pitching himself as the ‘saviour’ to a long-suffering German state, crippled economically for decades by excessive post-WWI reparations demands by the Allies. And we all know how he turned out as an elected leader. But is Hitler really the best reflection we can come up with for what Trump truly is? Comparing post-war Germany to post-9/11 America is a laughable comparison. I mean the two just don’t equate in any way, shape or form. Totally different economic circumstances, for starters, and like good ol’ Bill once said on voter behaviour, “it’s the economy, stupid”. By that logic, it’s automatically flawed then to think of Trump as the new Hitler. He’s not. He’s Frankenstein’s monster. The product of madness, the result of so concerted an effort to breathe new life into that which should be dead and buried, stumbling about, moaning, not having the faintest idea of what the hell he’s doing besides the fact he really likes his own reflection. It’s pathetic, more than anything. Pitiful. This is your mascot, you right-wing lot! You created this! Not Obama, not Mexicans, not Muslims, you. With all your years of utter and total rejection of anything you deign to be ‘too much change’. Trapped in your bottled, plastic-wrapped, white-picket-fenced suburban world.

Look, I hate to generalise, and I know a lot of what I’ve just said has been exactly that. I really don’t mean to, because generalisation is what’s fuelling so much of this politically-played hate right now. Not all Republicans are social-neanderthals and fat cats. Ugh, ok reading back everything I’ve just spouted, I’m starting to realise how left wing I can sound when I spout off on political issues. I’m a moderate, but maybe leaning slightly to the left. I kinda just had to take a moment and vent a little on here about the mess that is US politics right now, and fittingly this post has been kinda a mess itself. You know what, I’m going to make my next post a carefully constructed, articulate statement on my outlook on the situation. I think my opinion is decently qualified. Studied the States from outside and within. Always followed their goings on pretty closely, probably gonna end up living their eventually. Plus my girlfriend’s American and for some reason every date we have ends up becoming an hours-long debate on anything from politics to education to friggin Avengers vs. Justice League (it’s a multi-faceted relationship). But yeah, apologies, I don’t think my head’s really been in it today. Friday Feeling maybe. I dunno. But this is something I’ve been thinking of talking about at length, give Trump the full and pull-no-punches treatment. Only fair. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Everyone’s political, and you’d better believe Mr Everyone adheres to that.

Coming soon then: ‘Fear Trumps Trump’.

Brace yourselves. Politics is coming.



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